Representative Director

Management ideology

From Korea's Taejin
To the world's Taejin.

For 18 years, Taejin has been pursuing market innovation and has been running constantly. Until the day when Korea's shipbuilding and marine industry becomes the top shipbuilding company in the world market, it will become a leading group, Taejin, that will work harder and leap forward for growth and development, and everyone's bright future.

Compliance with customer quality deadlines
Employee awareness structural innovation
Productivity Increase Cost Savings


TAEJIN’s People come first

No matter how good a company is, it cannot be a good one without a good person. We respect each other as a personality, not as a tool to express our company's performance, and we are more concerned and considerate so that we can have constant self-development and enterprising thinking for our happy work life.

TAEJIN’s to grow and develop

If you can only trust that you are sincere and honest, you can expand and develop it into capital as much as you want. We are committed to achieving technological competitiveness and better quality competitiveness, ensuring that delivery dates are met, and ensuring technological development and better quality competitiveness with confidence in our customers.

TAEJIN’s not afraid

90% confident that they can do it, 10% confident that they can do it, and 1% doubt or worry that they can't do it. Not everyone can succeed with just unyielding challenges and adventurous spirit. But if you control meetings and anxiety even a little bit, the consequences of that little thought will change. Recognizing and implementing that a successful new attempt requires careful consideration and firm belief.